Maximizing Health and Equity in Climate Action


The health sector has a professional responsibility to support and advance ambitious climate policies by positioning climate-health impacts, particularly for our most vulnerable communities, at the forefront of advocacy efforts.

Our Center for Climate, Health and Equity is working to mobilize health evidence to advance climate solutions that support health and equity for all communities. Specifically, we aim to advocate for the implementation of policy solutions supported by our Research program and indicated by our Education and Sustainability pillars.

  1. We are seeking to train the next generation of medical professionals and health researchers with the skills needed to be effective advocates for evidence-based policy solutions at the nexus of climate and health. 
  2. We plan to translate our research and implementation expertise into scaled impact through policy dialogues, community engagement, and advocacy at all stages of the evidence-to-policy pathway. This will be supported through local and global network building with climate, health, and social justice partners, including community stakeholders, civil society partners, government, non-governmental organizations, and funders.